The purpose of the proposed project is to pool top research and application capacities of the public and private sectors as a part of a long-term collaborative effort. Applied cybernetics is an exemplary progressive field with a strong potential for the application of research and development results in innovations. Thus, it is believed that the creation of this centre will help to increase the competitiveness of the Czech Republic.

The objective of the project is to obtain new results, services, and products through research and development. Four specific goals are formulated to achieve this objective:

Goal 1 “Modelling and control of electric power generation, distribution and conversion“ will provide a fully parameterized behavioural model of electrical energy market participants to the pan-European transmission grid, a complete software tool realizing an advanced wide area monitoring system for operational support, stability and reliability of the grid, and a highly efficient intelligent control system for electrical energy conversion in electrical drives.

Goal 2 “Intelligent man-machine interaction“ will deliver an integrated package of hardware solutions and software platforms enabling to build robots with the capability of intelligent human-machine interaction. The systems gather relevant data from the environment, create adequate internal models of the real-life environment as a basis for intelligent interaction, and enable human-machine communication in natural language.

Goal 3 “Machine perception and image analysis for industrial applications“ will produce technologies and solutions concerning visual gauging, 3D vision for robot localization, object detection and recognition, tactile sensing in robotics, and will spread vision-based systems to untouched areas of traffic monitoring and safety.

Goal 4 “Optimization tools for industrial informatics” will deliver a set of tools based on careful modelling of industrial processes and sophisticated algorithms enabling to automate operator decisions. These approaches will be implemented in a form of hi-tech software modules to be embedded in the decision, control and monitoring systems. Examples include production line optimization and RFID expert system.